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σ-profiles & σ-potentials of representative liquids

Apsara Innovations has grown rapidly to close to working with more than 250 customers in the country. These customers are from academics, research / Government and commercial segments with requirements ranging from Drug Design and Discovery, Material Science, Computational Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, cheminformatics, Nanotechnology, Biostatistics and rendering.

We are a result oriented organization with a very clear perspective to work closely with customers and helping them reach their goals and objectives.

Representatives of Apsara Innovations are situated in Delhi and Pune apart from Bangalore which is the headquarters.

For Life Sciences we have partnered with BioSolveIT GmbH. For Material Sciences we have partnered with Materials Design Inc. We represent Cosmologic GmbH for Computational Chemistry and Chemical Engineering, For Cheminformatics we have entered into a partnership with Molecular Networks and for Biostatistics we have Graphpad. For Product Design and rendering solutions we have Bunkspeed in our portfolio.

This image shows why acetone and chloroform like each other so much? The answer being their s profiles (Sigma profiles) are complimentary.

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